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The latest month we have been focusing 100% on our new adventure truck, which we build, so we can continue our journey around the world. Back in 2014 Ragnhild and I went on our first adventure for 8 months in a Land Rover Defender 130 which resulted in Arn one month after the return back home. We traveled all through Norway and up to the North Cape and then through all of Finland, Russia, Mongolia, and Siberia. On to Kamtchatka and then to Alaska. Not knowing how to fit the three of us into the Defender, we decided to build or first truck, a totally normal refrigerated trailer. We traveled all of Europe in it and had a great summer! When MAN launched their new van, the TGE, in 4x4, we decided to get one and make it suite bill for us and then went directly to Iceland for the next adventure. The result of that: Eirik! :) Many people might think, that this might be the end of our adventures and we thought so too... But nevertheless, we decided to build this crazy 8x8 with space for 6 people, as we want to be safe for the future now and even get space for my two older daughters, Didde and Cille. Our new Truck has become so much more than just an expedition vehicle for us, as it stod clear from the beginning, that it was supposed to become a real multi-purpose truck. For that reason, it is built to take a 20 " container and we even got our selfs a trailer which can take another container or even our loved 4x4 VAN. I had many plans for creating many different containers. One for living/traveling, a party stage container, a bar container, a workshop container and so on... So fare the travel-container, bar-container and the stage container are ready and we have had a blast of summer, spending 7 weeks in Norway, a few sunny days in Denmark at the beach and last but not least some great shows with lots of music and good beer!!! For us, this is a dream come true and we hope you will join us in the future in our truck, as we have some great journeys planed all ready.

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