ABOUT Max hunt: 

Hauke Bruhn,


In 2009 I decided to live my dream and gave up my 9-5 working life. Today I'm traveling the world, challenging myself and learning from others. I've finally found what I've been looking for, the freedom to live my life to the MAX. 

I was born and raised in Denmark, Scandinavia, and have been passionate about the outdoors since my childhood. My father took me with him and taught me everything he knew about nature, but most of all, he taught me to be patient and harvest when the time is right.



Ragnhild Ranheim, Sweden.


Ragnhild has been into adventure and the great outdoors her whole life. After spending three years in Africa, learning her craft in a tough, harsh, male dominated world, Ragnhild joined Hauke.

"The only way to experiance an adventure is by turning a challange into a success!"



Arn Ranheim Bruhn, Sweden.
Born in February 2015.


Arn is forced into being an adventurer and it seems he likes it already. For us as the parents, it is very important to let Arn be a part of our lifestyle and teach him about as many things as possible by taking him to places and educate him in the environment. The biggest side effect of that is, that we have the great privilege of being with him 24/7 and that he will get affected by all the things he experiences with us, even though he might not remember in his later life.
We as the parents have a giant responsibility in making our kids conscious of our place on earth and towards life.



Eirik Ranheim Bruhn

Eirik Ranheim Bruhn, Sweden.
Born in March 2018.

Pour little Eirik is the youngest on board... Not only is he supposed to join me and Ragnhild, but with an older brother like Arn, he thinks he is just as tough, fast, clever and most of all funny as him. So no matter where we go, Eirik is always the one making sure, that no minute is wasted and there is a ton of action going on around us all the time!