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Creating a 4x4 Outdoor Van

​Our activities have always required a vehicle that can take us and all our gear mostly anywhere and offer us shelter for a night or two or maybe even months.. When Rags and I met, we pimped a Land Rover Defender 130 and drove more than 20.000 km through Russia, Mongolia, Siberia and all the way to Vladivostok. A journey that resulted in our loved son Arn. For almost 3 years we have traveled around in an old semitrailer which i gave a total makeover and turned into our home.

Now that Arn is 2 ½ and we want to reduce our costs on fuel and be more flexible about our journeys, we decided to take a 4x4 van and create our ultimate vehicle for our upcoming adventure! The MAN TGE has all the space we need and after spending 10 days at ICS Offroad in Germany, our new family member is ready for some adventures with us!!! First one will be Iceland and we are actually already leaving on Thursday…

A massiv bumper with a strong WARN winch and some good light from Hella. ​ ​​The bumper is handmade by ICS OFFROAD.
ICS Offroad integrated our logo to the bumper!
Arn, Rags and I can easily sleep in the van, but a roof tent is always great for guests or a great morning view.

Just finished and HAPPY!!!

360° working light from Hella and a roof you an walk on. Handmade by ICS Offroad.

The roof is mounted with airliners for flexible mounting of gear. Handmade by ICS Offroad.

Sand Bars and additional spear tier. Handmade by ICS Offroad.

Solid Rock-Sliders to protect the vehicle. Handmade by ICS Offroad.

The ultimate Outdoor Kitchen by Camp Champ.
The finished multimate 4x4 Van. Lifted about 80 mm.

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