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Building the world's biggest tiny house!

When Rags and I started traveling the world, we started in an old Land Rover Defender. Then Arn joined us and the Defender was changed for a van. When 3 turned into 4 by the appearance of Eirik, we changed the van for an eight-wheel driven truck and I turned a 20-food shipping container into our snail house with which we have traveled all over the US and have seen most of Europe from.

But suddenly I got a crazy idea of creating a wooden insulated construction that fits onto our Scheuerle low bed trailer and so I contacted a good old friend from my hometown and told him about the "tiny house" I already had drawn in my head. Søren, as his name is, claimed I was crazy but liked the idea so much, that his company SØBO built the "house" after my ideas.

Now as the construction is finished, we used it as a showroom for a 6.000 km long road trip for EUROPART celebrating their 75th anniversary and within the next few months, we will use it as a showroom for SCANIA Denmark.

But I can assure you, we will not keep it a showroom, as we will convert it into our new home on wheels during the coming winter and you can join us here on the channel!!!


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