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Last year we participated in The Real Way To Dakar as a service team and that's where I met Lars who was one of the top riders on that rally. When we came home we had a chat about maybe starting our own racing team and that was the moment when MAX HUNT RACING was born... 

Lars´s son, Oscar, was 17 at that time and I thought it was a great idea to have him on the team, as he is doing very well in enduro in Denmark. We needed a mechanic on the team as well and as only one guy was beating Oscar at that time, who even was a mechanic too, it was pretty clear, that we needed Henrik on the team as well. 

After some hours of research, we decided to go for the Morocco Dessert Challenge which is supposed to be one of the best-organized rallies out there. 

After investing in 4 Husqvarna bikes and more than 200 hours in the workshop converting the bikes, we were ready to go to Marocco. The bikes got a bigger tank, a tower, GPS trackers, and a roadbook... Besides that, the dampers, the engine, and the exhaust are still original Husqvarna 450 FE :) 

The boys have been training hard on condition and were in top form, they trained hard on navigating after a road book, and besides that, they only got the chance to ride 80 km on their new bikes, before they started in Agadir two weeks ago!

It is a rally that takes the rider across more than 3.000 km offroad riding in very difficult terrain from rocks to salt lakes and stones to the never-ending sand dunes of the Sahara. 

Oscar and Henrik made it all the way through and became the youngest participants ever to make it through the rally, which actually was our goal in participating!! But that was actually not enough!! They managed to make it to 10th and 11th place all over among riders who are professional and have been riding races for years!!

I am very humbled and proud of what we have achieved as a team and I can't wait to see what the future will bring! 

Stay tuned here on the channel, as I will post a series of videos from this fantastic journey very soon!!!

Thanks to all those who support us!!!


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